How Often Should You Get HVAC Serviced?

Have you ever woken up during the weekend or in the middle of the night to discover that your heater or air conditioner isn’t effectively heating or cooling your home? In those kinds of circumstances, you undoubtedly question if there was anything you could have done to stop the problem from occurring. Yes, there are measures to prevent issues with your heating or cooling system. Get skilled HVAC maintenance to avoid problems and maintain year-round comfort in your house.

What Is HVAC Servicing?

HVAC maintenance involves checking, cleaning, testing, and maybe even repairing and replacing individual system parts to maintain the heater or air conditioner. You may avoid worse troubles with your HVAC system by investing in routine maintenance.

What Is Included In HVAC Servicing?

A thorough inspection conducted by a certified service professional is part of the HVAC service plan. They will check your system for leaks, issues with the electrical wiring and connections, and properly functioning thermostats. Maintenance procedures are necessary throughout the winter, such as monitoring the heating elements, the pilot and thermocouple, limit controls, burners, and safety controls. These tasks are often carried out to maintain your HVAC system operating well. They keep your family’s comfort all year long as a result.

How Often Should The HVAC System Be Serviced?

Most HVAC system manufacturers recommend you get your HVAC system’s heating and cooling components serviced once a year. However, they advise performing these two parts separately. It is recommended for homeowners service their heater and air conditioner in the spring and fall, respectively.

Is The HVAC Contract Worth It?

  • HVAC servicing agreements significantly increase building owners’ revenue. HVAC contractors can maintain a regular revenue stream by having a consistent repair workflow, and dedicated service contracts offer that steady flow.
  • These contracts are essential for building strong client relationships when launching a new contracting business. Thanks to an HVAC service contract, your team will have more opportunities to interact with customers. It makes it simpler for them to maintain regular contact with a foundation of devoted clients.
  • Servicing will keep HVAC systems operating at their most effective once or twice a year. A maintenance contract is worth it because you can spend less on labor and components, have fewer breakdowns, and use less energy. In many cases, the monthly energy bill savings a homeowner experiences will more than cover the cost of your planned maintenance program.
  • HVAC building owners who have signed an HVAC agreement will be among the first to receive them as soon as they become available again if HVAC tools, equipment parts, or supplies are momentarily unavailable.
  • Professionals operating legally under an HVAC service agreement will find it much simpler to recommend upgrades to a home’s health, comfort, and security. The workers build the trust necessary to increase their sales with a service agreement.

Of course, maintenance services are not just available for these things. In reality, we typically examine much smaller components. With any service, the objective is to increase performance, prolong the life of your system, and ultimately save you money. Visit our office if you are looking for HVAC servicing.

How To Make Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

Without a properly functioning air conditioner, the summer’s sweltering heat is something you do not want to experience. Moreover, it helps ensure your air conditioning unit is in top shape before summer arrives. Waiting to examine your AC system and perform maintenance until you actually need it will be frustrating, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. Continue reading to find some quick steps to prepare your air conditioner for summer.

Make sure to change filters

A fresh, clean filter keeps your system operating more efficiently and improves the quality of the air inside your house. It is recommended to change your filter around once a month if you use your air conditioner consistently. A filter replacement is also advised if your machine has been in storage for several months, leading to dust accumulation during that time.

Clean condensation lines

It is recommended to change your filter around once a month if you use your AC consistently. Replacement of a filter is also advised if your machine has been in storage for several months, leading to the accumulation of dust during that time. A fresh, clean filter not only keeps your system operating more efficiently but also improves the quality of the air inside your house.

Cleaning the outer unit is important

If you keep your air conditioner operating during the off-season without covering the outer unit, it will be exposed to the weather and will gather dust with time. You may ensure that this dirt is not fouling up the external unit’s internal processes by lightly spraying the outer coils with water from a hose. In cases of severe dirt buildup, you can get commercial AC cleaning from a hardware shop.

Check the ducts

You should clean out the ductwork in your home just like you do your air conditioner for the benefit of your indoor air quality. Leaks in ducts are a regular occurrence. Make sure to seal any exposed joints or tiny holes if you notice them.

We hope you now know the tips prepare your air conditioner for the summer. Contact Winters Heating & Cooling if you are looking for top-quality air conditioner maintenance service in Lockport, IL.

What Are The Signs Of Replacing Heating Furnace?

If your furnace has been around for more than 25 years, it’s undoubtedly nearing the end of its useful life. Replacing the furnace on time has various benefits.

The decision should not be based only on this, as previously stated. It’s possible to replace a furnace in service for 15 years, or it could last for 30 years.

To get the replacement of heating furnace done in a professional way, ask for experts of Winters Heating & Cooling in Lockport, IL.

Signs Of Replacing Heating Furnace

Energy costs are rising.

You won’t see much of a change in your energy costs month to month, but compared to last year and the year before, you get the idea. It’s easier to keep track of your expenditures if you look at your bills yearly. This means that if it was a freezing winter, or you moved, or anything else that can impact daily use will have to be included.

Nevertheless, if your usage has remained constant and your utility bills have risen, an inefficient furnace may be to blame. Either that or your energy provider is constantly boosting prices.

Ordinary Noises

The same holds for this issue, but to a lesser extent. A malfunctioning furnace may make strange noises.

It may only be a one-time occurrence if it’s the first time you’ve turned on your furnace for the winter. If dirt and dust accumulate near the igniter, the flames may make a popping sound as they ignite.

However, there’s undoubtedly a problem if it’s still rattling and banging several months into winter.

The problem may be fixable. However, this should not be seen as a cause to make snap judgments. Make an appointment with a HVAC repair and maintenance professional in Lockport, IL, to have your furnace checked out.

Bad Smell

If you notice a gas smell after turning on your furnace for the first time this year, don’t ignore it; instead, shut it down immediately.

Don’t take any chances with the health of your family’s well-being if you notice any other strange smells. Turn off your furnace and call a professional in Lockport, IL.

Uneven Room Temperatures

How often do you find yourself fiddling with the thermostat? Or perhaps one room is noticeably colder than the other? Both of these symptoms point to a furnace that can no longer handle the workload it previously took.

Too Many Services

In the past, have you ever had a vehicle that required frequent maintenance? What were you doing?

One of two things occurs to you most of the time. The sentimental value of the item keeps you maintaining it or trading it in for a newer one, right? Unless your furnace is decorated with the initials of your first love, it’s unlikely to evoke any kind of sentiment.

The latter two years of a furnace’s life are the most troublesome for breakdowns. Repairing that rusted-out old jalopy will only cost you more money in the long run.

You can tell whether your furnace is on its last legs if the technician needs to order parts to repair it. There are fewer and fewer parts available for older systems. You and your family will have to spend additional nights outside in the cold because of this delay.

When you know the lifespan of your furnace replacement, Call professionals from Winters heating & Cooling to replace the furnace at affordable prices. Call us to book our services.

How To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

Are you someone who doesn’t want the skyrocketing summer energy bills this summer? Even though the energy bills will rise for sure during the summer months, there are a few actions you can take to prevent it from happening. By preparing your AC during the summer months, you can lower your energy bills. Furthermore, you can limit the expensive system breakdowns that could happen right at the moment when you need AC the most. Proper AC maintenance can also maximize the life of your HVAC system. Let’s look into some of the tips to prepare your air-conditioner for the hot summer month.

The three main components of AC include:

  • A wall-mounted unit
  • A wall-mounted indoor unit
  • Air Ducts

Before starting the hot summer months, all these three components of AC need to be properly checked by an AC technician.

Inspecting AC Air Filters

The air filters play a significant role in properly regulating the room temperature and filtering out the dust, pollen, and other debris present within the HVAC system. The technician will check whether the AC filter is working properly or not. Depending on the air filter condition, the technician may change it if required. If the filter is clogged, it reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system. It means higher energy bills. It is one of the foremost reasons why checking the filter of an HVAC system is important. By removing the air filter, the air quality can be improved.

Inspect the Ductwork

The ductwork and the piping need to be inspected before the summer season. The HVAC technician in Lockport will carefully observe the ductwork for leaks, obstructions, debris, etc. The joints are also closely inspected by the technician.

Programmable Thermostat

Studies have suggested that programmable thermostats can help make air conditioning systems more efficient. Setback thermostats can be installed with ease and are also affordable. One of the key benefits of a programmable thermostat is that it helps the room remain at the desired temperature.

Remove debris from the exterior unit

You should at least leave two feet of clear space surrounding the HVAC system. The air can freely circulate around the HVAC unit.

Check the condensate removal system

Condensation occurs due to the flow of warm air through the cooling coil. There are various ways to remove it. The technician will check for the switches while getting the air conditioner system ready for summer.

Get in touch with the best HVAC Maintenance in Lockport, IL, to prepare your device for the hot summer months.

Why Air Conditioner Service Is A Necessity Rather Than A Choice?

All electrical appliances require periodic servicing and checkups, without which the devices could get damaged easily. It also helps the air conditioner to function at peak performance. Not everyone is aware of the need to service the air conditioner thinking that it could cost them a lot of money. However, affordable AC service and repair are available from top HVAC technicians in Lockport, IL. It is ideal to schedule the AC service before the beginning of the summer.

Evaluate the Performance of Air-Conditioner

By calling up a trained HVAC technician in Lockport, they will ensure that all the central units of the air conditioner are working correctly at the time of maintenance and servicing. They use some tools to evaluate the performance of specific components present in the air conditioner. If the technician diagnoses any problems, they will do the needful repair to ensure the device works efficiently during the summer season.

Cleaning Of Essential Parts in the Air-Conditioner

The air conditioner service begins with cleaning the essential parts within it. The accumulation of dust can cause many problems in the air conditioner. People may experience a substantial decrease in cooling. The technician will also look for leakages, if any, in the unit. If they identify any such issues, they will fix the problem and ensure such inconvenience does not happen in the future. By performing periodic cleaning, maintenance and servicing of the air conditioner, you can increase the lifespan of the device and save the additional cost you might have to incur while replacing them when they stop working.

Check for Leakages

Not performing periodic maintenance may lead to many problems in an air conditioner. Leakages may occur due to faulty ducts or drainage problems in the water. The best moment to call up an AC technician would be the winter season, in which the AC will be turned off most often. Servicing is necessary at least once a year, and you should ensure that your AC is functioning correctly by preparing it for use during the summer season. The AC that has been serviced well by a professional AC technician in Lockport will feature an increased cooling capacity. Thus you can save a lot on the monthly bill and your income which you might have to spend for AC repair if not maintained properly.

The earlier and often you call for a professional AC technician for servicing or maintenance, the less likely you have to sit in the scorching heat of the summer season waiting for the AC repair. Furthermore, the AC technician also ensures that the device is cleaned and is free of dust and bacteria. They will also check for carbon monoxide within the AC since it is a dangerous chemical. If found, they will do the needful to immediately stop it, thus making your home or business safer.

Contact your nearest professional HVAC technician in Lockport, IL, for affordable and cost-effective AC maintenance, service and repair.

How Can You Benefit From Heating Furnace Replacement?

If you live in that part of the country where the climate is cold, you might be familiar with furnaces and their importance. It is of utmost importance for those who require warmth within their household, especially during winter. A furnace may not need a periodical replacement as that of other devices. However, if you are paying a lot on the bills, you should change the furnace to an energy-efficient one.

Energy-Efficient Heating Furnace

An energy-efficient furnace will give you the utmost safety by running for an extended period to keep your home warmer. It also keeps your family comfortable since enough heat during freezing months with the help of accurate temperature settings provides utmost convenience to the entire family members living within the home. Similarly, the aesthetic appeal of a new and efficient furnace is also yet another benefit. It can be a sore to the eyes to see an appliance such as a heating furnace that has long become obsolete. It is always desirable to use a new furnace that makes use of advanced technology.

Need For Proper Maintenance

Even if you replace the furnace, it may still need regular maintenance from a heating furnace repair and maintenance professional in Lockport, IL. Proper maintenance will help the furnace to last longer and perform efficiently. It would be best to always keep the area around the unit clean so that dust is always kept at bay. There are some additional points that you can consider. You should ensure that the windows are kept open during sunny winter days, which will help the heat to get into the room. However, at night, you should close the windows so that the heat stays in. Similarly, the thermostat should be programmed so that it has been set for seasons. It thus helps you in saving more energy and money.

It would be best to get assistance from the company that installed your heating furnace for energy management tips. They will provide you with advice about how the energy-efficient furnace works and how you benefit from it. A good heating and air conditioning company in Lockport will be available for your assistance as and when you need it. Their responsibility is to provide you with a furnace replacement and provide you with heating furnace repair and service. With some valuable tips from the heating and AC company in Lockport, IL, you can make your heating furnace perform more efficiently.

Why is my AC not blowing Cold Air?

Air Conditioner in the home has become a necessity for many. No one wants to hear the news that their AC has stopped functioning properly. Not only is it uncomfortable, but also it can pose health risks to both you and your family and also pets at home. The best solution for such a scenario is to call up your nearest heating & air conditioning company in Lockport, Illinois. They are professionals who have the right expertise to fix any type of air conditioning or heating issues faced by your AC. There could be many reasons why your HVAC unit has stopped blowing cold air. Even though few of them can be resolved right away, a much-complicated problem in the AC requires expert help.

Reasons for AC not blowing cold air

Clogged Filter

It is one of the most common problems faced by customers. Whenever the filter of your AC gets clogged due to dirt, it stops blowing cold air. The clogging can occur due to the dust, pollen, hair or other smaller particles that may get accumulated within the filter over time. It thus hinders the smoother flow of air and can eventually lead to shutting off of the AC unit due to lack of sufficient air. Once the air conditioner stops working properly, it can cause variations in the inside temperature of the room. If left unrepaired, the cold air not blowing problem can slowly affect the evaporator coil as well as the condenser. Therefore routine AC cleaning is desirable and the AC technician should change the filters every three months. Replacing indoor air filters is quite easy. However, you should take assistance from an AC technician if you don’t know which filter you should make use of. 

Leaking Refrigerant

Leaking of the refrigerant could also be one of the main causes of AC not blowing cold air. The refrigerant consists of the chemical that plays a key role in putting the entire process in motion. It can be either the refrigerant is running low or the refrigerant is leaking. So if you think that a refrigerant leak is a problem for AC not blowing cold air, contact the Air Conditioner repair company at Lockport, Illinois. 

Faulty Condenser or Evaporator Coil

Even though the filters play a substantial role in maintaining the cleanliness of the coil, the coils can still undergo wear and tear over time. The evaporator coil can also face problems that occur due to constant moisture. It is desirable to get both the condenser and evaporator coil checked by an HVAC technician. 

Problem with the Thermostat

Everything starts with the thermostat. For example, the first thing you should ensure is that the thermostat settings have not been modified by you. You should keep in mind that the AC will not turn on unless and until the air temperature of the room increases above the control setting. You should set it to cool or auto by default. For example, if the thermostat has been set to heat, then the AC won’t blow cold air. Instead, it blows hot air. If it still has been set properly and the AC still does not blow cold air, then the problem could be with the thermostat. Try to replace batteries and then try again. 

Your AC not blowing cold air? Get in touch with Winters Heating & Cooling heating & air conditioning company in Lockport, Illinois