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Air conditioners are supposed to be sturdy and last for a noticeable span of time. But, effective maintenance done on a regular basis is a must in order to enjoy its durability and efficiency. An air conditioner demands for attention and care to perform at the optimum level and provide us with the desired comfort. Keeping the task of regular maintenance at bay can be the most prominent reasons for loss of cooling efficiency and in turn lead to higher electricity bills, early replacement and higher cost of repair.

Loss which can be caused due to skipping regular maintenance services

Skipping regular maintenance check-ups of your air conditioner for a year can cause a loss of up to 5% in its efficiency which can become more prominent in the due course of time. To add on, the relatively low cost of regular maintenance and annual check-ups can help to save money spent on electricity bills, replacement cost and repairment bills etc. Even if you have not been able to maintain the air conditioner for some time, a single tune-up can increase its efficiency by a number of notches.

Pocket-friendly ways to stay cool

Improper maintenance of the air conditioner can be the reason for the hole in your pocket in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate a few steps in order to enjoy a cooler home during summer without having to spend a lot.

  1. Make sure to get regular check-ups of your air conditioner done by a trained professional at least twice a year. This will help you to avoid the probabilities of spending a huge amount of money in repairs.
  2. It is advisable to change the filter of the air-conditioner once in a month. This will play a vital role in ensuring the free flow air through the air conditioner and make it easier for the machine to function.
  3. You should keep your curtains and shades drawn on the south and west windows. Doing so, will help you to make an average utility saving of 3% – 6% and help to decrease the overall load on the air conditioner.
  4. You should also switch the outdoor unit of the air conditioner off while mowing grass. If the debris or the grass gets into the outdoor unit, it can interfere with the airflow and as a result decrease the efficiency of the machine.

Never lose your cool

You should not turn off the air conditioner in case you are leaving your home for a day. It might sound absurd and make you feel that this act can cost you heavily. But trust us, it won’t. This is because your home cannot start to cool off instantly and could lead to high electricity bills. If your air conditioner is turned off on a warm summer day, you would have to work harder to get back to the desired temperature when you return home and lead to the use of extra electricity.

The warmth and humidity builds up to your home walls, carpet, furniture during the summer which could take hours to eliminate. This can be avoided if you increase the temperature up to 4 degrees before leaving the house for a few hours instead of turning off the AC. You will be able to notice an effective impact on the utility bills and keeping the AC on will also make you feel comfortable after you return back home.


Some reasons to get your furnace checked:
  • Enjoy up to 10% of savings on the utility bills
  • Enjoy prolonged durability of the equipment
  • Experience better cooling and heating capacity
  • Enjoy healthier indoor air quality
  • Experience better peace of mind
  • Maintain manufacturer warranty with ease
  • Get less number of calls from the service center
  • Enjoy protection against the rising energy cost
  • Save up on the country’s energy supply
  • Experience improvement in the family safety with carbon monoxide checks

Tips to save money for Heating

  • Get the furnace checked on a regular basis
  • The furnace should be tuned and cleaned prior to every heating session
  • You need to have adequate insulation in the attic and walls of your home
  • Apply measures to prevent leakage of air around doors and windows
  • Make sure to inspect and replace the filters in frequent intervals
  • Lower the thermostat setting when not at home.
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