Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lockport, IL

We are a reliable company who specializes in providing economical AC and heating maintenance services at an affordable price. Winters Heating & Cooling has been in this field for a time span of almost 8 years and have been the first choice of many customers. There are certain factors such all 24 hours round the clock service, personalized solutions, excellent staff, customer- centric service which has enabled us to earn several laurels to our hat.

Our professionals are here to take all burdens off your shoulders and resolve issues as early as possible. They inspect to diagnose the problem at first and then execute the task of repairing or replacement.

Ac Service at Winters Heating & Cooling, Lockport, IL

  • Let your air conditioner (AC) function properly by replacing the air filters on a monthly basis.
  • Refrigerant leak can cause the freezing of your air conditioning unit. Ensure that your AC unit is working fine with our experts.
  • Low refrigerant can pave the path to damage of various components in the air conditioning unit.
  • Make sure that the leaves and grass from your yard are not blocking the coils on your AC unit from outside. This can lead to overburdening of the AC unit.
  • It is necessary to wrap all the tubes and wires of the unit in order to protect it from pets or pests. Do not let your pets chew the wires.
  • Get your AC unit service at least two times in a month by expert technicians in the Lockport area. Lay proper emphasis to ensure that everything is functioning the way they are supposed to without any occurrence of accidents. It is also imperative to gauge if the unit is functioning with its optimum efficiency.

Factory Trained and Expert Technicians

The reason that we are capable of providing excellent service to our customers is because of our highly capable technicians. They work day in and day out to provide custom made solutions to each and everyone.

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