Air Conditioner Repair in Lockport, IL

Winters Heating & Cooling is renowned for its high quality service in and around Lockport. IL. Our team of trained professionals cater to all needs of the clients seeking for assistance and meet most of their requirements. In case your domestic air conditioner is not working properly, don’t wait for a minute to get in touch with us. Our staff is adept at diagnosing the unit and fixing the issue in no time. We also provide Lockport air conditioner installation services.

Issues dealt by us at Winters Heating & Cooling, Lockport, IL

  • Low Refrigerant –An air conditioner generally does not require any sort of refrigerant to get recharged. Having a low level of Freon generally indicates that there is some kind of a leak. We repair the leak depending on the location without charging you the moon for it.
  • Fan on the outside unit not functioning – Malfunction in the fan can lead to overheating of the compressor and in turn damage the entire outdoor unit. If the air conditioner doesn’t work for a long period of time, the compressor in the air conditioner can burn up. The unit needs to be replaced when the motor doesn’t work properly.
  • The outside unit not functioning properly –A blown breaker or power not being supplied to the Air Conditioner unit can make it not functioning properly. This issue can be resolved by contacting our factory trained specialists. They are adept at troubleshooting all the problems and making the necessary changes.
  • Wiring Issues –Improper wiring can be the reasons for lack of power flow to the AC unit. This is essential to keep things running seamlessly and smoothly. If you face such a problem, it can be easily addressed by a trained technician.
  • Frozen coil –The coil can get frozen due to leakage caused by low refrigerant and in some cases due to blockage in the ductwork. Another reason for this problem can be not changing the air filters on a regular basis.

Whenever you need assistance related to the HVAC system in Lockport, IL, consult Winters Heating & Cooling. Our professionals will encounter all problems on your behalf and try to resolve them immediately.

Factory- trained & Certified AC Repair professionals

Being the field of air conditioning repair and servicing for almost 8 years, we have managed to handpick technicians who work day and night to provide clients with personalized solutions. They also have immense experience and expertise and are only hired after a proper background check.

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