All About Air Conditioning Service In Lockport

Maintenance on an air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins is essential to keeping the unit running smoothly and effectively for its entire lifespan. If you don’t do the necessary maintenance, your air conditioner will worsen and use more energy. If you want the best air conditioner repair service in Lockport, IL do visit Winters Heating And Cooling.

Filters For Air Conditioners

AC Filters

The most important thing you can do to keep your air conditioner running well is to change or clean its filters regularly. Filters that are clogged or dirty reduce the amount of airflow and make a system much less efficient. Also, if the airflow is blocked, air can go around the filter and put dirt on the evaporator coil, reducing the coil’s ability to absorb heat. When you switch out a dirty, clogged filter for a clean one, your air conditioner will use 5% to 15% less energy.

Most central air conditioners have filters along the return duct’s length. Most air conditioners have filters in the walls, ceilings, or the unit itself. Room air conditioners have a filter attached to the grill that faces into the room. We provide air conditioning services in Lockport, Illinois for the whole locality.

Some filters can be used more than once, while others have to be replaced. There are different kinds and levels of how well they work. During the cooling season, you should clean or replace the filter(s) in your air conditioner every month or two. Filters may need to be changed more often if the air conditioner is always on, is in a dusty place, or if you have pets with fur in the house.

Coils for An Air Conditioner

Broken AC

Over months and years of use, an air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coil get dirty. The evaporator coil won’t get dirty as quickly if the filter is clean. The evaporator coil will still get dirty over time, though. This dirt makes it harder for air to flow through and insulates the ring, which makes it less able to absorb heat. Check your evaporator coil annually and clean it as needed to avoid this problem.

Outdoor condenser coils can also get very dirty if it is dusty outside or there is a lot of plant life nearby. You can easily see the condenser coil and notice if dirt is building up on its fins.

It would help if you kept the area around the condenser unit as clean as possible. Dirt and debris can come from your dryer vents, the leaves that fall off your trees, and your lawn mower. Cleaning the area around the coil, removing trash, and cutting plants by at least 2 feet (0.6 meters) will allow enough airflow around the condenser.

Wrap Fins

Coils: The aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils are easy to bend, stopping air from moving through the loop. Wholesalers of air conditioning sell a tool called a “fin comb” that can be used to comb these fins back to almost their original shape.

Condensate Drains

Run a stiff wire through the unit’s drain channels every so often. If a unit’s drain channels are clogged, it can’t reduce humidity, and the extra moisture can stain walls or carpets.

Room Air Conditioner Window Seals

At the beginning of each cooling season, check the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame to ensure it touches the unit’s metal case. This seal can be broken by moisture, letting cool air out of your house.

Getting Ready For Winter

Cover your room air conditioner or take it out and put it away for the winter. If you put a cover over the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner, it will be safe from snow and other debris during the winter.

Professional AC Service Technician

Hire a professional service technician when your air conditioner needs more than just regular maintenance, like when it doesn’t bring the temperature inside down to a comfortable level. A well-trained technician will find and fix your air conditioner’s problems.

The AC Mechanic Should:

  • Check that there is the right amount of coolant.
  • Use a leak detector to check for leaks of refrigerant.
  • Capture any refrigerant that needs to be drained from the system instead of illegally letting it escape into the air.
  • Check for and fix duct leaks in central systems.
  • Check how much air is moving through the evaporator coil.
  • Check that the electric controls are in the correct order and that the heating and cooling systems can’t be on simultaneously.
  • Check electric terminals, clean and tighten connections, and add a non-conductive coating if needed-oil motors and check belts for tightness and wear.
  • Check how well the thermostat works.

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How To Make Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

Without a properly functioning air conditioner, the summer’s sweltering heat is something you do not want to experience. Moreover, it helps ensure your air conditioning unit is in top shape before summer arrives. Waiting to examine your AC system and perform maintenance until you actually need it will be frustrating, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. Continue reading to find some quick steps to prepare your air conditioner for summer.

Make sure to change filters

A fresh, clean filter keeps your system operating more efficiently and improves the quality of the air inside your house. It is recommended to change your filter around once a month if you use your air conditioner consistently. A filter replacement is also advised if your machine has been in storage for several months, leading to dust accumulation during that time.

Clean condensation lines

It is recommended to change your filter around once a month if you use your AC consistently. Replacement of a filter is also advised if your machine has been in storage for several months, leading to the accumulation of dust during that time. A fresh, clean filter not only keeps your system operating more efficiently but also improves the quality of the air inside your house.

Cleaning the outer unit is important

If you keep your air conditioner operating during the off-season without covering the outer unit, it will be exposed to the weather and will gather dust with time. You may ensure that this dirt is not fouling up the external unit’s internal processes by lightly spraying the outer coils with water from a hose. In cases of severe dirt buildup, you can get commercial AC cleaning from a hardware shop.

Check the ducts

You should clean out the ductwork in your home just like you do your air conditioner for the benefit of your indoor air quality. Leaks in ducts are a regular occurrence. Make sure to seal any exposed joints or tiny holes if you notice them.

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At What Time An Air Conditioner Should Be Serviced?

Many people are not aware of the air conditioner or how often an air conditioner should be serviced. But no worries Winter heating and Cooling in Lockport have come up with a detailed answer in this blog.

Twice A Year !!

Generally speaking, an AC holds a bit of wiggle room. Your Air conditioner requires service twice a year. One in Fall and the other in Spring. A well-serviced air conditioner works smoothly and doesn’t cheat you on hot and humid days.

Are you also among the ones who don’t think about servicing their air conditioners for a year and then crib about the functionality in the summers? Ask your technician to tune up with their scheduled checkups.

What Does An Air Conditioner Service Include?

Now you might be confused with the thing that what an AC service includes. Many things contribute to the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner.

For instance, your technician will lubricate the parts in your AC to ensure that they’re operating smoothly. In addition, he or she will clean parts to ensure that they’re functioning properly.

Electricity and airflow will be gauged as well. If something is amiss, the AC specialist will tell you as soon as possible.

All of the air conditioner’s parts will be examined properly by the technician, from the blower to the condenser to the ductwork. Refrigerant levels will be checked as well. Your condensate drain is another spot that frequently clogs in the spring and fall because air conditioners typically aren’t running as often and it’s easy for mold and gunk to build up faster than you’d think. Your AC technician will also take a look at your thermostat to ensure that its air conditioner is curated and communicates well with your AC unit. If necessary, he or she will take measures to re-program it.

In short, you can expect a clear examination of your air conditioners by technicians every year before you use them.

Few Tips For Air Conditioner Maintenance

Apart from the air conditioner services, there is a lot more that you should do to keep your air conditioner maintained.

  • Keep changing the AC Filter
    You must keep changing air filters so that your air conditioners don’t fair conditioner the problems of residue in the air conditioners. To let your air conditioner work properly change the filter every three months and if you have pets at home then the requirement to change the filter increases.
  • Keep An Eye on Your vents
    The air created by the AC goes through these pipes to get to various rooms inside your home. It then, at that point, blows through vents that are mounted on dividers or situated on roofs or floors.
    Watch out for your vents and watch for any development of form. This could be brought about by overabundance of stickiness, and you’ll need to deal with that since shape can develop rapidly. On the off chance that you don’t know what to do, HVAC experts can investigate it for you.
  • Keep The Condenser Clean
    To limit the opportunity of blow air conditioners, you ought to make a point to keep the region around your condenser clear. Keep 5 feet of freedom on every one of its sides and guarantee that the trees and supports in its vicinity are appropriately managed. That will likewise make it less alluring to critters.


Now when you have your answer to the question that how often you should get your AC serviced, it’s high time you call your nearby technician who can examine your air conditioner.

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How To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

Are you someone who doesn’t want the skyrocketing summer energy bills this summer? Even though the energy bills will rise for sure during the summer months, there are a few actions you can take to prevent it from happening. By preparing your AC during the summer months, you can lower your energy bills. Furthermore, you can limit the expensive system breakdowns that could happen right at the moment when you need AC the most. Proper AC maintenance can also maximize the life of your HVAC system. Let’s look into some of the tips to prepare your air-conditioner for the hot summer month.

The three main components of AC include:

  • A wall-mounted unit
  • A wall-mounted indoor unit
  • Air Ducts

Before starting the hot summer months, all these three components of AC need to be properly checked by an AC technician.

Inspecting AC Air Filters

The air filters play a significant role in properly regulating the room temperature and filtering out the dust, pollen, and other debris present within the HVAC system. The technician will check whether the AC filter is working properly or not. Depending on the air filter condition, the technician may change it if required. If the filter is clogged, it reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system. It means higher energy bills. It is one of the foremost reasons why checking the filter of an HVAC system is important. By removing the air filter, the air quality can be improved.

Inspect the Ductwork

The ductwork and the piping need to be inspected before the summer season. The HVAC technician in Lockport will carefully observe the ductwork for leaks, obstructions, debris, etc. The joints are also closely inspected by the technician.

Programmable Thermostat

Studies have suggested that programmable thermostats can help make air conditioning systems more efficient. Setback thermostats can be installed with ease and are also affordable. One of the key benefits of a programmable thermostat is that it helps the room remain at the desired temperature.

Remove debris from the exterior unit

You should at least leave two feet of clear space surrounding the HVAC system. The air can freely circulate around the HVAC unit.

Check the condensate removal system

Condensation occurs due to the flow of warm air through the cooling coil. There are various ways to remove it. The technician will check for the switches while getting the air conditioner system ready for summer.

Get in touch with the best HVAC Maintenance in Lockport, IL, to prepare your device for the hot summer months.

How to Keep your Room Cool with Proper AC Maintenance?

Irrespective of your location, air conditioner maintenance is very much required to utilize your AC’s potential effectively. Through regular maintenance, you can prevent incurring more expenses for AC repair, and you can save a lot of money during the hot summer month. Air conditioners can also affect your respiratory health. Ignoring the proper maintenance of your AC can put you at risk of having respiratory diseases.

Once you call up an AC technician in Lockport, they will come and closely examine the filters and vents for the presence of any build-up of fungus or dirt. The presence of such dirt or fungus can affect your lungs when you breathe the cold air blown by the AC. The technician ensures the vents and filters are cleaned properly. In addition to it, the technician will also observe the freon levels. The technician will do the needful to ensure that the performance of the AC is optimized. By increasing the efficiency of AC through regular maintenance, you can save on the bills by avoiding the need for any further repair.

You can also follow some basic tips to increase the performance of your air conditioning. It is better to close the curtains during the afternoon to make the cooling process quicker. It can reduce the temperature of a room at a faster rate. Ensure that the doors and windows are sealed since the cool air can pass through the gaps or cracks. Try to turn on ceiling fans to cool off a room before turning on the AC. You can reduce the temperature of a room quickly by turning on the ceiling fan compared to turning on an AC without turning on the fan.

Even though air conditioner repair can help if any technical problem arises, you should still prefer to change the unit as a whole. You may have to pay more bills for older units of AC that are not as efficient as the new units. These checkpoints need to be considered for better utilization and maintenance of the AC. It is desirable to have a semi-annual inspection or AC maintenance to address the existing AC issues and keep your home cooler always. For any AC maintenance and repair, contact your nearest AC installation, maintenance, service, and repair provider in Lockport, IL.